Traditional method of joining reinforcement bars with lap joint continuity in reinforced concrete has lots of disadvantages when it comes to efficient load transfer in high rise buildings. Hence we introduce mechanical splicing method which offers a solution for joining reinforcement bars, mechanical coupler offers simplicity and economy in lap splicing.
We adapt a parallel threaded mechanical splicing coupler system designed for joining of reinforcement bars which performs like continuous reinforcement. Proven cyclic performance of rebar offers strength during man-made, seismic or other natural calamities thus develops strength mechanically, independent of concrete. Workability with higher steel-to-concrete ratio allows optimum sizing of RCC structural members.

1.Continuity of Reinforcing bars

2.Allows full ductility of re-bars

3.No Congestion of re-bars

4.Reduction in construction cycle time

5.Reduction of re-bar wastage

6.Staggering of bars not required

7.Dowels can be avoided enabling re-use of form works

8.Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 9001